The Person Behind Osteopathy Zone

Emanuela Conte

Osteopath, Masseuse and Medical Acupuncture Therapist


I've graduated with a Masters in Osteopathy from the world renowned British School of Osteopathy in London and I currently split my time between two clinics, Purus Active Health in Covent Garden and Osteopathy Zone in Surrey Quays, Deptford.

I was born in 1986 in Italy and at the age of 18, after studying massage therapy for 3 years, I started working in the massage industry. Over the years this skill allowed me to work in many countries such as Italy, Ireland and finally here in England where I made London my home.  After 7 years of valuable hands on experience I started feeling the need to broaden my knowledge and skills. I started looking around and decided to go into sports massage and start treating sports injuries. However that was not enough for me, the human body is such a complex and beautiful and perfect machine, I wanted to know more! However I did not know which path to chose, there's so much out there! There are Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Shiatsu therapists, Reflexologists, Acupuncturists, Sports Therapists... It was so confusing even to understand the difference between all these professions! During this period I started developing some shoulder issues and so decided to seek professional help. After trying the majority of the professionals stated above I felt a little frustrated. The GP, without even touching me,  gave me a referral to a physio who gave me a piece of paper with some exercises on it. The Chiropractor said I had some issues with my spine, so advised on a package of 12 sessions which I could not afford, and the acupuncturist put some needles in my arm and left me in the room by myself for 20 minutes. The frustrating thing was that after all these consultations I still did not know what was wrong with my shoulder. 

One day a friend of mine suggested to go and see an Osteopath. I did not know what an Osteopath was and I never heard of it so I researched on google. Still I was confused because I couldn't really get a proper explanation, ok, an osteopath is a health care practitioner that works with manual therapy.. so.. ? What is it? 

I decided to just book an appointment and go with the flow. When I went to see the osteopath we had a chat, a consultation. She asked me everything, all the injuries I've ever had, my history, my lifestyle, what I did for a living, she asked questions for 20 minutes and she gave me time and space to explain my frustration and ask the questions I have had in my head for weeks. She did a very thorough physical assessment and finally she gave me a diagnosis. Hallelujah!

She treated me and explained everything she was doing. After the treatment she also took the time to show me a shoulder joint and the mechanics of my injury. She gave me advice, exercises and most importantly she reassured me. 

When I left that day I knew that Osteopathy was what I wanted to do. Never in my life I felt so looked after, no health care practitioner took the time to ever communicate with me the way that Osteopath did. I wanted to be that, I wanted to understand the human body as she did, I wanted to take care of people the same way she took care of me, because it made me feel great. And so I did it, I went to The best Osteopathic University that is out there, it took me 4 years and it was hard, but I made it! Here I am!

After graduating I initially started working as an associated at The University College of Osteoapthy, then a clinic tutor invited me to work in the clinic in Covent Garden where she was working, so I kept both positions for a while. 

Then one day I found a post about a studio available for Osteopathy in Surrey Quays.

So.. I thought, I' ll just go and check it out.. and now here I am! My dream has come true, after 14 years of hands on experience I finally have my own clinic and I am the Osteopath I wanted to be, although I still don't know what to answer when people ask me 'What is an Osteopath?'

To that I'd just say: come in and try! 

Despite my story, over the years I had the luck of meeting other great health care professionals such as Physios,  Chiropractors and Acupuncturists that made me realise that we are all valuable and great at doing what we do, at the end of the day we all have the same goal, help you feel better. So when you are confused, or don't know what to do, or who you need to see, just take your time and research, ask your friends for recommendations or find guidance through the NICE website. 

To help you decide which therapy or therapist is more suitable for you I offer Free 15 Minutes consultations 


I look forward to meeting you! 




I am a member of the Institute of Osteopathy and I am fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council.